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What is Gold rebel?

Our Highest Level of Service

Of all the services that we offer only our Gold rebel clients are Full-Service clients of our firm.  Our Gold rebel service model is our highest level of service and probably the best value option because it includes so many services.  As such, we limit our Full-Service Clients to only 300 households so that we can always provide the high level of service that we’ve promised.

rebel Financial is a truly independent financial firm that specializes in investment management and financial planning, dedicated to serving the best interests of our clients above all other considerations. √ All CPF Advisors. √ We are "Fee-Only". √ Always a Fiduciary to clients. 

What makes us different?

Professional excellence

Financial plans are always completed by Certified Financial Planners (CFP) who all have at least a BA/BS and we require at least 60 hours of continuing education per year.

Cutting edge technology

As a smaller company, freed from the bureaucratic gridlock of most large institutions, we implement the newest technology years before most of our competitors to build your plan with the best available tools.

Discretionary investment management

We take the additional care and liability to manage your investments with discretion, which means that we make changes to your accounts when they need rebalanced, without bothering you, and we take personal responsibility rather than asking our clients to rubber stamp every decision to avoid responsibility.

Fee-only & a Fiduciary

Fee-only means that we only accept compensation from our clients and do not accept compensation from 3rd parties and, as a fiduciary, we always represent our clients’ best interests 1st.

Freedom: Hire us on your own terms

Whether you want a one-time fee for advice/plan or want to hire us for the long-term, you are free to choose from multiple plans under either arrangement that fits your particular need.

Transparent Pricing

We are open and transparent in our pricing. We disclose our fees and help our clients to understand their total costs  so they can accurately judge the value of our services.

Proudly Representing

Check out our reviews

Unfortunately, we are prohibited from posting testimonials/reviews on our website by the SEC and the state regulatory authorities. However, we are allowed to have reviews on 3rd party sites on which we have no ability to manipulate them in our favor so that both positive and negative reviews can be equally evaluated by potential clients.

What is included as a Gold rebel Client?

SS Maximization Plan

We will evaluate your benefits, test all 567 strategies and advise you on your best filing strategy. 

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Including Education, Retirement, Executive, Business, and Estate Planning.

Manage Investments Directly

We watch your investments closely and manage with discretion per your investment objectives. You may use any custodian that you prefer, however, most of our Gold clients prefer to use preferred custodians because of the inherent cost savings.

Tax Loss/Gain Harvesting

In coordination with your tax professional, we will try to maximize realizing gains and losses in your portfolio at advantageous times.

Discretionary investment management

If you have more than $500,000 in Assets Under Management (AUM) with us, then we will pay for your tax preparation if you use one of our partner accounting firms.* If you are below our asset minimum or you would rather use your own accountant, we will coordinate with your tax professional to align your investment and tax strategies and streamline your tax preparations, however, their bill will be at your own expense.

Estate Planning

If you have more than $750,000 in AUM with us, then we will help you to build your estate plan and pay for your estate planning documents if you use one of our partner law firms.** If you are below our asset minimum or you would rather use your own law firm, we will coordinate with your attorney to design and implement your estate plan, however, their bill will be at your own expense.

The rFPW Portal

Managing your financial goals has never been simpler. With our custom built rFPW portal, you'll have 24/7 access to all your accounts. No more going from site to site to manage your finances. And, with our convenient rFPW webinars, you'll learn how to handle everything on your own and save time!

How much does it cost?

The cost is $250/mo. plus our asset management fee schedules below.  This subscription fee is currently waived if you have more than $250,000 in AUM:

*Preferred Custodians for NQ and IRA Accounts include TD Ameritrade, Jefferson National, and TIAA CREF.
 *Discounts may be applied where applicable and when warranted, at the discretion of rebel Financial LLC.


If you have $100,000 in AUM in a University 403b with TIAA CREF then you would pay:
· $250/mo. via PayPal from any credit card, checking, or savings account of your preference
· Plus 1% of $100,000 out of your accounts, which comes to $250 deducted quarterly.***
You, as a household, keep $750,000 in AUM in various accounts through TD Ameritrade then you would pay:
· 1% of $750,000 out of your accounts, which comes to $1,875 deducted quarterly.***

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